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Thank you for your interest in fostering a Grateful Dog! Fostering is vital to keep our organization running. The more volunteers that we have to provide foster homes, the more dogs we are able to save from high kill shelters. 

Though fostering can be challenging, it is extremely rewarding, fun and can change the life of both you and a rescue dog. The dogs that we take into rescue have suffered ill pasts or have spent a lot of their time in a shelter environment. By fostering, you are helping acclimate your foster dog to home living to prepare them for success in their forever home.

Fostering does require patience, training, and dedication, however, you are repaid through endless snuggles and love from your foster dog. We everything you need for your foster dog including the food, collar with identification tags, leash, toys, vet visits, and crate (if needed). 

If you're interested in having a dog but can't commit to anything long term, fostering is the perfect way to not only help a rescue dog, but an organization with the goal of saving as many lives as possible. 

Fostering FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions we get about fostering. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions that aren't answered in this section!

What are the requirements to foster a dog with you?

In order to foster a Grateful Dog. You must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 22 years or older.

  • All existing animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

  • You must provide a stable and loving environment where the dog will be provided adequate food, water, and exercise daily.

  • All residents in the home must be in agreement to fostering a dog.


Who pays for the vet visits?

We do. No expense should ever come out of your pocket while fostering for us, unless it is something you are looking to donate. We pay for all vet visits that are necessary with your foster dog!


How long will I have my foster dog for?

It really depends. A dog could be in your care anywhere from a few days, weeks, or in some cases months. Our rescue dogs generally move into adoptive homes pretty quickly, but it is good to be prepared to have your foster dog as long as it takes and hold on to them until they find their forever home.


If I want to adopt, but not sure if I'm ready for the commitment, do you do foster trials?

We allow a one week foster to adopt period, which is a great way to see if you are prepared to handle the long term commitment and if the dog is the right fit for you. If the dog is not the right dog for you long term, we expect you to continue to foster the dog throughout until adoption. If you can not keep your foster dog, please let us know as soon as possible. Be mindful it can take us up to a week to find an open foster for the dog.


What if I want to adopt my foster dog?

It's always tough losing a good foster home, but we wouldn't ever discourage a good thing for a rescue pup! If there are no other applicants for your foster dog, you are certainly welcome to move forward with the adoption process. 


What kinds of things can I expect to come up while fostering a dog?

Fostering is such a rewarding experience, but it can be hard work. Some dogs may need some help with house, basic, and crate training. This is so important while preparing to go to their forever homes and will ensure the success when they move onto their forever homes. We provide ongoing training with your foster dog, as well as a Facebook group for fosters and adopters where you can reach out to other fosters for any questions that you have or advice needed. Please make sure you are prepared to take on any tasks in helping your foster dog get ready to go into their adoptive home. 


In what ways can I help my foster dog get adopted?

Social media is our biggest friend. If you are able to get some nice photos and make nice little blurbs about your foster dog and share them with your friends and family, that is a great way to help your foster pup be seen by the public. Posting on our Facebook page is also a great way to promote your foster dog! If you're in an urban area, we provide Adopt-Me vests for your foster dog to help them be seen by the public while you are out walking. 


How does the foster application process work?

Once the application is completed, it takes us about 5-7 days to process the application. We call references, do a vet check if there are existing animals in the home, and then follow up with a home visit to be sure it is a suitable temporary home for one of our Grateful dogs.

I have a question not answered here

Please feel free to contact us to ask any additional questions you may have.

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