Fostering A Grateful Dog


Thank you for your interest in fostering a Grateful Dog! Fostering is vital to keep our organization running. The more volunteers that we have to provide foster homes, the more dogs we are able to save from high kill shelters. 

Though fostering can be challenging, it is extremely rewarding, fun and can change the life of both you and a rescue dog. The dogs that we take into rescue have suffered ill pasts or have spent a lot of their time in a shelter environment. By fostering, you are helping acclimate your foster dog to home living to prepare them for success in their forever home.

Fostering does require patience, training, and dedication, however, you are repaid through endless snuggles and love from your foster dog. We everything you need for your foster dog including the food, collar with identification tags, leash, toys, vet visits, and crate (if needed). 

If you're interested in having a dog but can't commit to anything long term, fostering is the perfect way to not only help a rescue dog, but an organization with the goal of saving as many lives as possible. 

Apply To Foster A Grateful Dog

If you think you are ready to start, click                         for a Foster Application!


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